http://www.classtools.net/widgets/turningPage_7/S9Eek.htm  I am making up stories on classtools.net to see if we can use this in class.

If you add me to google+ can you access my blog?

I also like storybird.  http://storybird.com/accounts/login/ 
You can write in Spanish, using already made graphics. Maximum number of slides: 10. I'm not sure if there is a limit on how much you can type per slide.

IF you decide to make one about your family, I would use as much vocab as I could. It would be a good way to review for the final exam.

SPANISH II: there is a set of graphics about health (I think. I just started working with it). That would be a great way to review body parts and ailments.


I have uploaded two voice files that I've made. Please listen to these and answer the questions presented in each one.  The second one is pretty fast and has many questions. You may need to pause between each question.  :)

download here   Capítulo 3

download here   Capítulos 1 y 2


http://cms.dsusd.k12.ca.us/education/components/docmgr/default.php?sectiondetailid=66903  This is a link you can use to access the online textbook for level 2. There are practice activities, vocab exercises, etc. This is a GREAT resource for you to use and work on Spanish II.


https://www.educreations.com/lesson/view/la-promesa/23585816/?ref=link  This is the link to the educreations page where I recorded the pledge for you. Those of you who still need to learn it, use this site to help you.


Returning to work

I plan to be back in class tomorrow after having rotator cuff surgery. Be ready to learn and help me a lot!!!!!


Vuelta al cole.  ¡Bienvenidos a todos! What a wonderful first day!!! Everyone attentive and respectful. I'm looking forward to a great semester with all my new students. We are going to work hard and have fun at the same time.
Some of you have let me know that you are nervous about pronunciation. Check out this poster that will help you greatly with Spanish pronunciation:


In fourth period we started learning how to introduce ourselves. Remember to practice at home. (You could even teach your parents!!!!!!)
¡Hola! Me llamo _______.  ¿Cómo te llamas?
Me llamo  ____________.
Mucho gusto.

Use the above chart to help you with the pronunciation. Soon, you'll sound like a native.


This infographic has some really good tips about being successful in a World Languages class. Spanish is easy IF you keep up and ATTEND class EVERY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The following links will be used OFTEN. You should bookmark them and be prepared to use them in class AND at home. 

www.studyspanish.com  Great site for vocab and grammar
Lots of vocabulary and grammar practice


Tomorrow is the BIG DAY for NORTHERN NASH SENIORS!!!!! GRADUATION DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!  You made it and the world is waiting for you. 
GO GET IT!!!!!!!!!

Class of 2014


Well, it's finally here - the last final exam for the semester. It's been a different kind of semester this spring. It seems like every time we started to have some continuity, we had a snow day. It's been a struggle getting everything completed this semester but we did it. It took all of us working and learning together.

I have enjoyed having you in class this semester. Next year when you are in Spanish II, think about all the vocab and verbs we studied in Spanish I. Remember all the songs and videos we used to help you learn. Think about the games we played and the activities, videos and projects you created.
You have a solid foundation so you can be successful in your next level of Spanish.

I hope you have a wonderful summer and come back in August ready to continue learning and improving your minds.

If you continue with Spanish, you could become eligible to be in National Spanish Honor Society and earn this cord to wear at graduation. :)


¿Ser o estar?

What acronym can you create to help you remember when to use ser and when to use estar?

Think about all the different sentences we've used that had a form of ser in them. Then, remember all the ways we've discussed and seen sentences that used a form of estar.

What can you create that will help all of us remember when to use each one?

Can you correctly complete these sentences?
Exercise 1: Choose ser or estar, then choose the correct form of the verb.

1. Yo _ español.
2. Ella _ enferma hoy.
3. El juguete _ de plástico.
4. _ el veinte de septiembre.
5. Nosotros _ en Chicago.
6. _ las seis y media.

Exercise 2: Translate into Spanish:

1. Pablo is intelligent.
2. The water is hot.
3. Where are the children?
4. We were good students.
5. It is twelve noon.
6. We are very happy today.
7. They are Mexican.
8. They are in Mexico.
9. She is in the hospital.
10. The hospital is in San Diego.

How you feel and where you are, that is when you use estar

We STILL have a lot of work to do. This week we are going to focus on the differences between ser and estar. First, we have to complete all the reasons for using estar.  Check out the posters below:

After studying the words in the poster on the left, can you identify how each person feels in the poster on the right?  Escribe una frase completa para decir cómo cada persona se siente en el póster a la derecha. Usa la forma correcta del verbo ESTAR y el adjetivo apropiado.  Hay once frases. 

AFTER writing the sentences for the poster above, go to http://www.byki.com/lists/spanish/ch-03-estar-adjectives.html to review almost all of the words in the poster. Then, go to http://printablespanish.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/SerEstarAdjectives1.jpg copy and paste the photo. IF possible, write the answers on the page. IF not, write them by hand on a piece of paper. 

THEN, try this site http://www.trentu.ca/academic/modernlanguages/spanish/masarriba/adjectiveswithestar.html to type in the correct adjective. I think earbuds, headphones, etc. are needed for this site. 


NEW House vocab

For those of you who missed class on FRIDAY, MAY 23, this is the new vocab we are learning. Make sure you watch the two videos posted on another blog (these are about the house). THEN, you are to create your own goanimate video using house and furniture vocab with the prepositions.  The two videos need to be combined into one when you make your video. 


Your next online assignment will be to create a video on www.goanimate.com. We have used this once already this semester, so you should already have an account. IF you can't remember your log in information, either make another account or let them send you an email to reset your password. Please take care of this outside of class.  :)

I am posting two examples of what I want you to make.  #1 http://goanimate.com/videos/0mKjruNsJJBg  and #2  http://goanimate.com/videos/0moWoD47irss .

I need to you to use as much house vocabulary as you possibly can PLUS estar with the prepositions. WOW! me with your SUPER creative video.  Of course, you are to create this with SPANISH!  :)

To help you with the NEW VOCAB about the house and furniture look at these silly videos I made. They are on goanimate.com and need flashplayer to view them.




In order to help you learn the clothing vocabulary I have created a very interesting and relevant assignment for you to complete. You are going on a trip to a SPANISH speaking country (you get to choose which one). You need to do a little investigation of your country: what are some really cool sites to visit? what is the weather like during the different seasons? what CLOTHES should you pack for this trip? (you may also include accessories: laptop, camera, shoes, scarves, etc.) why should we visit YOUR country instead of ours.  Be very specific.

You are going to use SPANISH for all of this.  You are going to show off ALL the SPANISH you know.

You are going to post ALL of this on the blog. Include photos of the clothing/accessories so we know what the Spanish words are. You also need to include some photos of your beautiful country. AND, provide 2-3 links about your Spanish speaking country.

Your blog post is going to be so informative, creative and dramatic that we're going to change our minds and visit your country instead of the one we chose.


This is due by the END OF CLASS ON FRIDAY, MAY 23, 2014 (even if you're absent - get it done!)



The end is drawing near. We just practiced with the prepositions today. There will be a quiz over those words tomorrow. :)

We still need to keep reviewing all the different types of present tense conjugations: stem changing verbs (e to ie, o to ue, u to ue, and e to i), yo problem verbs (ver, saber, caber, etc.), REGULAR conjugations (no changes at all) and then the verbs that are just plain weird (tener, venir, oír, dar, ir). www.studyspanish.com is an EXCELLENT place to practice all of these. You will receive instant feedback on your work. Practice and become an EXPERT!

We just took a quiz over the family words. There is a small section on the final using this vocabulary. It is set up just like the quiz. I.E.  la madre de mi madre es mi  ?   That's right!!! abuela!!!!!

You DO know stuff!!!!  You JUST have to pull it out of your "archives" and use it. Review is what you need. Use your RESOURCES!!!!!!


Today's assignment - 19/5/14

These are the directions for the mental map you worked on in class today. Please turn this in as you enter class tomorrow. :)


Monday is here. The last one before final exams. (Next Monday is Memorial Day -  a day set aside to honor our veterans of the armed forces).

We still have to work even though you are tired and it's the "end of the semester". We have to review AND there is still more material to cover.

We MUST complete these before the final exam:

the other shoe verb   e to i
the verb ESTAR and its expressions
the prepositions
the main rooms of the house
the differences between SER and ESTAR
the clothing words
the restaurant words

We must work diligently in class and AT HOME. There is no time for slacking off.  Do your best. Keep up. Study the new material and choose something from earlier in the semester to review. Do these nightly. That way reviewing for the COMPREHENSIVE FINAL EXAM won't be so difficult.

Have you kept up with your self assessment sheets? Remember they are posted on edmodo and you should have downloaded them to your device. If you aren't an expert in a category, it's time to ASK QUESTIONS!!!!!!



The weekend is finally here!!!! ¡Qué bueno! We still have a lot to cover and review before final exam time. Be sure to use ALL available resources: emodo, the blog, my website,  http://www.studyspanish.com,  http://quia.comwww.remind101.com, etc.
 Use your verb folder (we just made in class on FRIDAY) to help you review and get ready for upcoming (really SOON!!!!) verb quizzes!
Can you make complete sentences in SPANISH?  Try writing these on your own (that means no help from ANY SOURCE - especially not the ONLINE TRANSLATORS)

1.  I want to eat a hamburger.  _____________________________________
2.  I need a pencil.   _____________________________________________
3.  I have a ton of paper.   ________________________________________
4.  I like to play videogames.  ______________________________________
5.  Do you like to watch horror movies?  _______________________________
6.  He wants to go to the mall.   ______________________________________
7.  We need to study.  _____________________________________________
8.  Can I go to the mall?  ___________________________________________
9.  What time is it?   ________________________________________________
10.  At what time does the movie start/begin?  _____________________________

I might be inclined to give some extra credit for those of you who write these in SPANISH and post them on the blog.

Have a GREAT WEEKEND, enjoy the gorgeous weather and be ready to WORK on Monday!!!!!!!

mi pueblo

la ropa


Family project

     1.       Create an INFOGRAPHIC about YOUR family piktochart.com  http://infogr.am/  http://www.easel.ly/  http://visual.ly/.
     2.   Write a detailed description of EVERYONE in your family (at least FIVE people)
     3.   Include physical characteristics (hair/eye color,too), personalities, CLOTHING (yes, NEW VOCAB for you), likes and dislikes (maybe even add weather expressions or tener expressions: IE Mi mamá tiene miedo cuando truena. A mi hermana le gusta esquiar cuando hace frío.)
  4.   Use COMPLETE SPANISH sentences.
      5.   Minimum of FOUR sentences for each person. (The more sentences you have, the better your grade will be). 
  6.  Due by FRIDAY, MAY 16, 2014 when you come to class. Post the link to your infographic on the blog. 
  7.  This is the TEST over the family. You need to complete this and do a good job. ¡Simplemente hazlo! 
Were you successful on today's pop quiz over the possessive adjectives? Are you still confused about the singular and plural words? For further assistance check out this link http://www.spanishlearninglab.com/possessive-adjectives-in-spanish/. It just might make it clearer for you. :)
Make  a WORD CLOUD about your family. Use adjectives of personality, characteristics and include hair and eye color. You need a MINIMUM of 20 words.  SPANISH ONLY!!!!!!!This is worth FIFTEEN extra participation points.This is due Friday, May 16, 2014.


La familia

los bisabuelos            el bisabuelo               la bisabuela
los abuelos                el abuelo                   la abuela
los padres                 el padre                    la madre
los hijos                    el hijo                       la hija
los hermanos             el hermano              la hermana
los nietos                  el nieto                     la nieta
los tíos                      el tío                         la tía
los primos                 el primo                    la prima
los suegros                el suegro                   la suegra
                                el yerno                    la nuera
                                el marido                   la esposa
los cuñados               el cuñado                  la cuñada
los sobrinos               el sobrino                  la sobrina
los padrinos               el padrino                  la madrina

los padrastros           el padrastro              la padrastra

los hermanastros       el hermanastro          la hermanastra


I changed the spacing on the blog assignment. Did it do any good? I can't tell on my computer. Thanks for letting me know.
After you finish the test today, work on creating a WOW ME! project with the yo problem verbs. Know what the following verbs mean in English:
Poner  -  to  ______                                    Hacer   -  to   _____     
pongo           ponemos                        hago                hacemos    
pones           ponéis                            haces              hacéis

pone            ponen                             hace                hacen      
Salir  -   to ______                                        Traer  -  to  _________
salgo               salimos                          traigo              traemos
sales                sa                                  traes               traéis
sale                  salen                             trae                 traen

Caer   -   to  ________
caigo   caemos
caes     caéis
cae       caen

Be able to explain why all of these verbs are called YO PROBLEM VERBS.  Also, create something that would teach this to an elementary student taking Spanish. Use a song, a rap, an infographic, a Prezi, a smore, etc. but NO POWER POINTS! Use whatever medium you think best (except a POWER POINT) to teach these verbs. Use your imagination.  WOW ME!!!!!!!!    
This is due by Monday (12/5/14) when you come to class. 

As a side note, this site will help a LOT with vocabulary!!!!  Un montón de actividades diferentes para jugar.   http://www.languagesonline.org.uk/Hotpotatoes/Index.htm


http://go.hrw.com/hrw.nd/arbiter/pRedirect?project=hrwonline&siteId=2601&pageId=14506   Complete gramática 1 tener & tener idioms, gramática 2 ir a with infinitives and gramática 2 -er & -ir verbs with tag words. 

Send your scores in a note to me via edmodo. You will have three different scores. (6/6, 4/6 etc.) 

Today's assignment, el 5 de mayo de 2014

After we discuss/read about Cinco de Mayo <img src=http://www.eliteresearch.com/images/M_images/CincodeMayo2013_mini.jpg />   http://homeschooling.about.com/cs/quizcentral/l/blquizholcinco.htm you are going to make a video presentation with a partner. You will need to act out each tener expression listed below and say a sentence with each SPANISH expression. You have THIRTY minutes to complete this assignment. Save the videos to your MAC and airdrop them to your partner. One of you will send it to me via email; the other one will send me a note on edmodo and add your video as a link.

           Calor                              Cuidado
           Éxito                              Hambre
           Sed                                 Miedo
           Prisa                               Razón
           Sueño                             Suerte
           Ganas de + infinitive      # años

           Que + infinitive



Today's assignment, el 2 de mayo de 2014

You are going to make memes of the TENER EXPRESSIONS using http://memebetter.com/generator. You must have one meme per expression. The below list has the expressions you need to use to make your memes. Each meme photo must have a  Spanish sentence and the photo needs to represent the expression.  Be sure to save your memes in a power point or Prezi slide show. (Do you have a suggestion about where we could save these so the whole class can view them?)  You will have to discover what each of these expressions means in English. WOW ME! with your final product. This is due by the end of class TODAY! Send me a note on edmodo with your attachment (power point) OR the link to your Prezi. 

           Ganas de
           Que + infinitive
           # años


http://www.teacherlists.com/schools/1000010663-northern-nash-high/116353-end-of-school-wish-list/sra-sears/wish-list.  Please check out this end of school wish list to keep our classroom healthy.
Need help learning the new vocab? Try some of these flashcard sites found on quizlet.

http://quizlet.com/2591116/sabias-que-lesson-2-spanish-vocabulary-flash-cards/  This is one place to help you with vocabulary for our new chapter.

http://quizlet.com/31329083/expresate-chapter-4-vocab-1-flash-cards/   This is a really good set of flashcards. (It has PICTURES!!!!!!)

http://quizlet.com/33318317/spanish-1-expresate-chapter-4-vocabulary-vd13-flash-cards/  This one is very extensive. LEARN THOSE WORDS and PHRASES!!!!

http://quizlet.com/29177238/spanish-1-expresate-chapter-1-4-vocab-flash-cards/ OMGosh!!!! THIS one is from CHAPTER ONE THROUGH CHAPTER FOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have started thinking about extra credit projects for Cinco de Mayo. I have this one that I found on Pinterest,  http://hideousdreadfulstinky.com/2013/04/mini-pinata-tutorial-cinco-de-mayo-dancing-girls.html. If you choose to make this, you need to make three and they are due by Friday, May 2, 2014. You will receive 15 extra participation points for making all three. This is an all or nothing bonus.

Paper tissue flowers are extremely popular in Mexico. Follow the directions for these giant paper flowers to receive 15 extra participation points for FIVE of them.  http://www.auntpeaches.com/2012/04/friday-flowers-fiesta-flowers.html.  These are also due on Friday, May 2, 2014. This is an all or nothing bonus.

If you're really artsty-craftsy try making these señorita dolls for 25 extra participation points for FIVE of them.  http://dennasideas.com/tag/free-fiesta-printables/. These are also due on Friday, May 2, 2014. This is an all or nothing bonus.

For those who work better with technology, create an INFOGRAPHIC, a VIDEO REENACTMENT or a MENTAL MAP about Cinco de mayo. Include the history, why it is important, who was involved, when did this happen, why is it still celebrated, what country celebrates Cinco de mayo more than all others and what are the activities during the celebration. Also, include the food that is popular for this celebration. Talk about any special clothing that is worn or dances/songs that are performed. Be all inclusive with the information. People want to know it all.  Whichever of these three projects you decide to do will be worth 30 extra participation points. DUE DATE: Friday, May 2, 2014. Please remember to site your sources. :)


http://www.educreations.com/lesson/view/ch4-los-utiles-escolares/6181153/  En el aula o el salón de clase. Watch this video to learn the new classroom vocab (los útiles escolares).  There will be a quiz over these words on FRIDAY! el 25 de abril.

http://www.educreations.com/lesson/view/cuantos-libros-tienes/6194176/  To start preparing for chapter four, watch this video. MORE about masculine/feminine OR singular/plural.  

   ¿Cuánto?            un                      mucho                 poco
   ¿Cuánta?            una                    mucha                 poca
   ¿Cuántos?          unos                  muchos                pocos
   ¿Cuántas?          unas                  muchas                pocas


Chapter three test is tomorrow, el 23 de abril.
There is a lot on this because it is a test, not a quiz.
¡Sí se puede!

Can you conjugate IR?  QUERER?  -AR VERBS?
Do you know the difference between masculine and feminine? singular or plural?
Do you know the four different to the phrases in Spanish?
Do you know ALL the activities? (montar en bici, ver la tele, jugar a los juegos de mesa, ir al cine, ir de compras, ir a la iglesia, etc.)
Can you correctly use the preposition with (con)?  (conMIGO, conTIGO, but con él, con ella, etc.)
Do you remember the prepositional phrase (the A expression) that goes in front of the indirect object pronouns (me, te, le, nos, os ,les)?  (A mí, A ti, A él, A ella, A Ud., A nosotros, etc.)

We are only going to take this one test on chapter three. YOU must learn this material in order to be ready for Spanish II.

IF you need additional resources/help, maybe one of these sites will help you:

Be proactive. STUDY! REVIEW! FOCUS!


For three extra credit points on this Wedneday's test, find out which Latin American author passed away last week while we were on vacation. Post the answer to the blog. This info must be provided by 9 PM tonight (4/21/14).
Fill in the blanks with the correct verb conjugation. The infinitive is found at the end of each sentence.  ¡OJO! ONE sentence has TWO blanks!!!!!! 

1. Yo ___________ en la fiesta con mi novio.   bailar
2. Josefina  _______________ por Internet para buscar información.  navegar
3.  Carlota y yo  ___________________ selfies afuera cuando hace buen tiempo.  sacar
4. Tú ____________ en bici cada tarde después de clases. montar
5.  Uds.  _____________ en la piscina cuando hace calor.  nadar
6.  Luisa y tú __________________ en la biblioteca cuando van a presentar un examen.  estudiar
7.  Yo nunca _______________ durante la clase de español.  textear
8.  Marco y Lola _______________ en el coro de la iglesia y yo _________ el piano.  cantar/tocar
9.  Tú siempre ___________________ para sacar buenas notas.  trabajar  

Complete this for 10 extra participation points. This has to be finished by Wednesday, April 23, 2014 in order to receive the extra points. Turn in to me as you enter class. 


Juan es un chico muy activo y su mejor amigo, José, es un chico muy perezoso. Usando www.smore.com crea un poster que representa que ellos van a hacer hoy. Empieza con la mañana y continue por la noche, hasta la hora de dormir.

Por los dos, Incluye tres cosas que van a hacer por la mañana con la hora exacta, tres cosas que van a hacer por la tarde con la hora exacta y tres cosas que van a hacer por la noche con la hora exacta. 
Incluye un gráfico para cada tiempo del día por los dos.

EN TOTAL tiene que usar 18 cosas/actividades diferentes para los chicos. (Seis por Juan y seis por Jorge).  La calificación es el deletreo, el orden de palabras, la gramática correcta y la punctuación.

Pon el enlace de tu poster en el blog.


https://www.smore.com/fgbtg-los-lugares-en-mi-colegio  Go here to see an example of a poster on www.smore.com that you could make for FIFTY extra credit points.
Your poster must meet the following criteria:

Completely correct SPANISH spelling, punctuation and grammar.
Photos of TEN different places around school and/or the town.
A two sentence caption for EACH photo in SPANISH, of course.
Use the name of the place in your caption.
Include WHY you are going there and WHEN.
Use the WEATHER in at least THREE of your captions.
Use conjunction words like: porque, cuando, pero, etc.

I would NOT receive all FIFTY points because I did NOT meet all the criteria. You can NOT go back and edit once you have published the poster. PROOFREAD before you publish.

To receive the extra credit, this must be posted on the blog by Monday, APRIL 21, 2014.
I have added a new article for you to read on www.newsela.com .  Be ready to discuss this article in class on Wednesday. This is due by class time el miércoles, el 9 de abril de 2014.
http://www.educreations.com/course/lesson/view/el-verbo-ir/19775513/  How to conjugate ALL of the verb IR - to go. (I only showed you the yo and tú forms in class today. Those are the two you worked with all period).

http://www.educreations.com/course/lesson/view/al-o-a-la/19775506/   This is a brief video lesson about TO THE in SPANISH.  Masculine or feminine? Singular or plural?  al, a la, a los, a las  + place   That is all.  That is SOOOOOO easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


http://www.educanon.com/public/14910/36044   This is another video I've added a quiz to. See if you can access it at home. Use a device other than the Macbook.  Let me know how it goes. 


Your next blog writing assignment. This will be all about you. You need to write a mini autobiography that includes your name, origin, age, birthday, a description of your physical characteristics (at least 3 adjs), your personality (at least 2 adjs), your hair and eye color, things you like and dislike (at least 4 of each) and finally, activities you like to do (this will use our new vocabulary - use at least 4). Also, include activities you don't like to do (at least 3). Use conjunction words - porque y and pero. Also include words/phrases like también, a mi tampoco, no me gusta para nada. By explaining why you like or dislike something will make you more interesting. It will also let you show off all the Spanish you have learned so far. :)

This is the list you had on edmodo. I have made a few additions. Please use these words for your activities.

correr, escuchar música (hip hop, rock, clásica, etc.),  leer novelas y revistas,  pasear, caminar, descansar, estar con amigos (as)bailar, cantar,     montar en bicicleta,  trabajar,   practicar deportesir al cine, ir de compras, escribir cartas, textear, mandar el correo electrónico, hacer la tarea, dibujar, pintar, actuar,  jugar a los videojuegos,  jugar al béisbol, jugar al fútbol (americano), jugar al tenis,  jugar al golf,  jugar al baloncesto,  jugar al ajedrez,   jugar a los juegos de mesa, comer frutas, comer verduras, comer pizza, comer papas fritas, comer comida china, italiana, mexicana, etc.,  hacer Instagram, hacer ejercicio, tuitear, sacar selfies,  ver películas de terror, de aventura, de misterio, de comedia,   leer libros de amor, de aventura, etc.,  alquilar videos,  pasar el rato solo(a), o con amigos, con mi familia, etc., navegar por Internet, salir con amigos, con mi familia, con mi mejor amigo(a), etc., salir a comer, nadar, trotar

Use word reference OR Span¡sh D!ict to look up words you need. You will receive a
THIS IS DUE BY THE END OF CLASS, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 26, 2014. Students off campus are still responsible for completing this assignment. 


http://www.bbc.co.uk/mundo/noticias/2014/03/140310_wifi_internet_hotspots_rg.shtml  Check out this article about using hotspots and giving some advice on how to protect your data. Yes, it's in Spanish but it's worth the trouble of figuring out what it says.

Answer these questions for 20 extra credit points:

1.  Do all hotspots ask for a password?
2.  Name three things you can do to help protect yourself from hackers, according to the article.
3. What info are hackers able to steal when someone uses hotspots?
4. According to Price Waterhouse Coopers, what is a really easy way for hackers to get your info?
5. Where does the article say is the best place to access the Internet?  



Please read this article about the first person from Paraguay to be in the Winter Olympics. Answer the following questions about the person in the article.1. Is this a man or a woman? 2. What is this person's name? 3. From what city is this person? 4. How old is this person? 5. In what olympic event is this person participating? 6. Why is it so unusual for someone from Paraguay to partcipate in the WINTER Olympics? 7. What is her citizenship status?




I have been using Instagram for over a year now. Follow me if you're allowed to use Instagram. I will NOT follow you (I promise). My Instagram is for Spanish class.  My name is tsgato.


I hope this post will have helpful information for you. Several of you still need to join our class on educreations. The codes are as follows:

first period only - FD1CCA

second period only -  FD1CCC

fourth period only - FD1CD1

IF you haven't already signed up, please take care of that this weekend. 

My website, http://nrms.schoolwires.net//Domain/2283 has pages of information and where to get help to be successful in Spanish class. Take advantage of the resources provided.

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Edmodo is required for this class. IF you haven't signed up yet, send me an email for the code. 


Your first blog assignment is to write a paragraph/letter that includes:
introduce yourself
where you are from
ASK ME 3 questions
A goodbye
and your name! 
You do NOT have to use your real info. In fact, it would be better to make up a phone #, bday and email address!  REMEMBER!!! This is ALL in SPANISH!!! Do your best. DO NOT USE A TRANSLATOR. IF YOU DO, YOU WILL RECEIVE NO CREDIT FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT. Think hard. I KNOW you can do it!!!!! 



My first posting for SPANISH I

We are going to start blogging in Spanish I. If this is new to you, not to worry! It's new to me also. If you are an expert, you can help me! We are going to write in SPANISH! Yes, in SPANISH. That's what the class is all about: learning to speak, write, read and listen to Spanish.   
¡Sí se puede!