Please read this article about the first person from Paraguay to be in the Winter Olympics. Answer the following questions about the person in the article.1. Is this a man or a woman? 2. What is this person's name? 3. From what city is this person? 4. How old is this person? 5. In what olympic event is this person participating? 6. Why is it so unusual for someone from Paraguay to partcipate in the WINTER Olympics? 7. What is her citizenship status?




I have been using Instagram for over a year now. Follow me if you're allowed to use Instagram. I will NOT follow you (I promise). My Instagram is for Spanish class.  My name is tsgato.


I hope this post will have helpful information for you. Several of you still need to join our class on educreations. The codes are as follows:

first period only - FD1CCA

second period only -  FD1CCC

fourth period only - FD1CD1

IF you haven't already signed up, please take care of that this weekend. 

My website, http://nrms.schoolwires.net//Domain/2283 has pages of information and where to get help to be successful in Spanish class. Take advantage of the resources provided.

Go here:  http://nrms.schoolwires.net/Page/25016 to find info on how to sign up for REMIND101.

Edmodo is required for this class. IF you haven't signed up yet, send me an email for the code. 


Your first blog assignment is to write a paragraph/letter that includes:
introduce yourself
where you are from
ASK ME 3 questions
A goodbye
and your name! 
You do NOT have to use your real info. In fact, it would be better to make up a phone #, bday and email address!  REMEMBER!!! This is ALL in SPANISH!!! Do your best. DO NOT USE A TRANSLATOR. IF YOU DO, YOU WILL RECEIVE NO CREDIT FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT. Think hard. I KNOW you can do it!!!!! 



My first posting for SPANISH I

We are going to start blogging in Spanish I. If this is new to you, not to worry! It's new to me also. If you are an expert, you can help me! We are going to write in SPANISH! Yes, in SPANISH. That's what the class is all about: learning to speak, write, read and listen to Spanish.   
¡Sí se puede!