Your next blog writing assignment. This will be all about you. You need to write a mini autobiography that includes your name, origin, age, birthday, a description of your physical characteristics (at least 3 adjs), your personality (at least 2 adjs), your hair and eye color, things you like and dislike (at least 4 of each) and finally, activities you like to do (this will use our new vocabulary - use at least 4). Also, include activities you don't like to do (at least 3). Use conjunction words - porque y and pero. Also include words/phrases like también, a mi tampoco, no me gusta para nada. By explaining why you like or dislike something will make you more interesting. It will also let you show off all the Spanish you have learned so far. :)

This is the list you had on edmodo. I have made a few additions. Please use these words for your activities.

correr, escuchar música (hip hop, rock, clásica, etc.),  leer novelas y revistas,  pasear, caminar, descansar, estar con amigos (as)bailar, cantar,     montar en bicicleta,  trabajar,   practicar deportesir al cine, ir de compras, escribir cartas, textear, mandar el correo electrónico, hacer la tarea, dibujar, pintar, actuar,  jugar a los videojuegos,  jugar al béisbol, jugar al fútbol (americano), jugar al tenis,  jugar al golf,  jugar al baloncesto,  jugar al ajedrez,   jugar a los juegos de mesa, comer frutas, comer verduras, comer pizza, comer papas fritas, comer comida china, italiana, mexicana, etc.,  hacer Instagram, hacer ejercicio, tuitear, sacar selfies,  ver películas de terror, de aventura, de misterio, de comedia,   leer libros de amor, de aventura, etc.,  alquilar videos,  pasar el rato solo(a), o con amigos, con mi familia, etc., navegar por Internet, salir con amigos, con mi familia, con mi mejor amigo(a), etc., salir a comer, nadar, trotar

Use word reference OR Span¡sh D!ict to look up words you need. You will receive a
THIS IS DUE BY THE END OF CLASS, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 26, 2014. Students off campus are still responsible for completing this assignment. 

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