I have started thinking about extra credit projects for Cinco de Mayo. I have this one that I found on Pinterest,  http://hideousdreadfulstinky.com/2013/04/mini-pinata-tutorial-cinco-de-mayo-dancing-girls.html. If you choose to make this, you need to make three and they are due by Friday, May 2, 2014. You will receive 15 extra participation points for making all three. This is an all or nothing bonus.

Paper tissue flowers are extremely popular in Mexico. Follow the directions for these giant paper flowers to receive 15 extra participation points for FIVE of them.  http://www.auntpeaches.com/2012/04/friday-flowers-fiesta-flowers.html.  These are also due on Friday, May 2, 2014. This is an all or nothing bonus.

If you're really artsty-craftsy try making these señorita dolls for 25 extra participation points for FIVE of them.  http://dennasideas.com/tag/free-fiesta-printables/. These are also due on Friday, May 2, 2014. This is an all or nothing bonus.

For those who work better with technology, create an INFOGRAPHIC, a VIDEO REENACTMENT or a MENTAL MAP about Cinco de mayo. Include the history, why it is important, who was involved, when did this happen, why is it still celebrated, what country celebrates Cinco de mayo more than all others and what are the activities during the celebration. Also, include the food that is popular for this celebration. Talk about any special clothing that is worn or dances/songs that are performed. Be all inclusive with the information. People want to know it all.  Whichever of these three projects you decide to do will be worth 30 extra participation points. DUE DATE: Friday, May 2, 2014. Please remember to site your sources. :)


http://www.educreations.com/lesson/view/ch4-los-utiles-escolares/6181153/  En el aula o el salón de clase. Watch this video to learn the new classroom vocab (los útiles escolares).  There will be a quiz over these words on FRIDAY! el 25 de abril.

http://www.educreations.com/lesson/view/cuantos-libros-tienes/6194176/  To start preparing for chapter four, watch this video. MORE about masculine/feminine OR singular/plural.  

   ¿Cuánto?            un                      mucho                 poco
   ¿Cuánta?            una                    mucha                 poca
   ¿Cuántos?          unos                  muchos                pocos
   ¿Cuántas?          unas                  muchas                pocas


Chapter three test is tomorrow, el 23 de abril.
There is a lot on this because it is a test, not a quiz.
¡Sí se puede!

Can you conjugate IR?  QUERER?  -AR VERBS?
Do you know the difference between masculine and feminine? singular or plural?
Do you know the four different to the phrases in Spanish?
Do you know ALL the activities? (montar en bici, ver la tele, jugar a los juegos de mesa, ir al cine, ir de compras, ir a la iglesia, etc.)
Can you correctly use the preposition with (con)?  (conMIGO, conTIGO, but con él, con ella, etc.)
Do you remember the prepositional phrase (the A expression) that goes in front of the indirect object pronouns (me, te, le, nos, os ,les)?  (A mí, A ti, A él, A ella, A Ud., A nosotros, etc.)

We are only going to take this one test on chapter three. YOU must learn this material in order to be ready for Spanish II.

IF you need additional resources/help, maybe one of these sites will help you:

Be proactive. STUDY! REVIEW! FOCUS!


For three extra credit points on this Wedneday's test, find out which Latin American author passed away last week while we were on vacation. Post the answer to the blog. This info must be provided by 9 PM tonight (4/21/14).
Fill in the blanks with the correct verb conjugation. The infinitive is found at the end of each sentence.  ¡OJO! ONE sentence has TWO blanks!!!!!! 

1. Yo ___________ en la fiesta con mi novio.   bailar
2. Josefina  _______________ por Internet para buscar información.  navegar
3.  Carlota y yo  ___________________ selfies afuera cuando hace buen tiempo.  sacar
4. Tú ____________ en bici cada tarde después de clases. montar
5.  Uds.  _____________ en la piscina cuando hace calor.  nadar
6.  Luisa y tú __________________ en la biblioteca cuando van a presentar un examen.  estudiar
7.  Yo nunca _______________ durante la clase de español.  textear
8.  Marco y Lola _______________ en el coro de la iglesia y yo _________ el piano.  cantar/tocar
9.  Tú siempre ___________________ para sacar buenas notas.  trabajar  

Complete this for 10 extra participation points. This has to be finished by Wednesday, April 23, 2014 in order to receive the extra points. Turn in to me as you enter class. 


Juan es un chico muy activo y su mejor amigo, José, es un chico muy perezoso. Usando www.smore.com crea un poster que representa que ellos van a hacer hoy. Empieza con la mañana y continue por la noche, hasta la hora de dormir.

Por los dos, Incluye tres cosas que van a hacer por la mañana con la hora exacta, tres cosas que van a hacer por la tarde con la hora exacta y tres cosas que van a hacer por la noche con la hora exacta. 
Incluye un gráfico para cada tiempo del día por los dos.

EN TOTAL tiene que usar 18 cosas/actividades diferentes para los chicos. (Seis por Juan y seis por Jorge).  La calificación es el deletreo, el orden de palabras, la gramática correcta y la punctuación.

Pon el enlace de tu poster en el blog.


https://www.smore.com/fgbtg-los-lugares-en-mi-colegio  Go here to see an example of a poster on www.smore.com that you could make for FIFTY extra credit points.
Your poster must meet the following criteria:

Completely correct SPANISH spelling, punctuation and grammar.
Photos of TEN different places around school and/or the town.
A two sentence caption for EACH photo in SPANISH, of course.
Use the name of the place in your caption.
Include WHY you are going there and WHEN.
Use the WEATHER in at least THREE of your captions.
Use conjunction words like: porque, cuando, pero, etc.

I would NOT receive all FIFTY points because I did NOT meet all the criteria. You can NOT go back and edit once you have published the poster. PROOFREAD before you publish.

To receive the extra credit, this must be posted on the blog by Monday, APRIL 21, 2014.
I have added a new article for you to read on www.newsela.com .  Be ready to discuss this article in class on Wednesday. This is due by class time el miércoles, el 9 de abril de 2014.
http://www.educreations.com/course/lesson/view/el-verbo-ir/19775513/  How to conjugate ALL of the verb IR - to go. (I only showed you the yo and tú forms in class today. Those are the two you worked with all period).

http://www.educreations.com/course/lesson/view/al-o-a-la/19775506/   This is a brief video lesson about TO THE in SPANISH.  Masculine or feminine? Singular or plural?  al, a la, a los, a las  + place   That is all.  That is SOOOOOO easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


http://www.educanon.com/public/14910/36044   This is another video I've added a quiz to. See if you can access it at home. Use a device other than the Macbook.  Let me know how it goes.