Chapter three test is tomorrow, el 23 de abril.
There is a lot on this because it is a test, not a quiz.
¡Sí se puede!

Can you conjugate IR?  QUERER?  -AR VERBS?
Do you know the difference between masculine and feminine? singular or plural?
Do you know the four different to the phrases in Spanish?
Do you know ALL the activities? (montar en bici, ver la tele, jugar a los juegos de mesa, ir al cine, ir de compras, ir a la iglesia, etc.)
Can you correctly use the preposition with (con)?  (conMIGO, conTIGO, but con él, con ella, etc.)
Do you remember the prepositional phrase (the A expression) that goes in front of the indirect object pronouns (me, te, le, nos, os ,les)?  (A mí, A ti, A él, A ella, A Ud., A nosotros, etc.)

We are only going to take this one test on chapter three. YOU must learn this material in order to be ready for Spanish II.

IF you need additional resources/help, maybe one of these sites will help you:

Be proactive. STUDY! REVIEW! FOCUS!

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