https://www.smore.com/fgbtg-los-lugares-en-mi-colegio  Go here to see an example of a poster on www.smore.com that you could make for FIFTY extra credit points.
Your poster must meet the following criteria:

Completely correct SPANISH spelling, punctuation and grammar.
Photos of TEN different places around school and/or the town.
A two sentence caption for EACH photo in SPANISH, of course.
Use the name of the place in your caption.
Include WHY you are going there and WHEN.
Use the WEATHER in at least THREE of your captions.
Use conjunction words like: porque, cuando, pero, etc.

I would NOT receive all FIFTY points because I did NOT meet all the criteria. You can NOT go back and edit once you have published the poster. PROOFREAD before you publish.

To receive the extra credit, this must be posted on the blog by Monday, APRIL 21, 2014.

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