After you finish the test today, work on creating a WOW ME! project with the yo problem verbs. Know what the following verbs mean in English:
Poner  -  to  ______                                    Hacer   -  to   _____     
pongo           ponemos                        hago                hacemos    
pones           ponéis                            haces              hacéis

pone            ponen                             hace                hacen      
Salir  -   to ______                                        Traer  -  to  _________
salgo               salimos                          traigo              traemos
sales                sa                                  traes               traéis
sale                  salen                             trae                 traen

Caer   -   to  ________
caigo   caemos
caes     caéis
cae       caen

Be able to explain why all of these verbs are called YO PROBLEM VERBS.  Also, create something that would teach this to an elementary student taking Spanish. Use a song, a rap, an infographic, a Prezi, a smore, etc. but NO POWER POINTS! Use whatever medium you think best (except a POWER POINT) to teach these verbs. Use your imagination.  WOW ME!!!!!!!!    
This is due by Monday (12/5/14) when you come to class. 

As a side note, this site will help a LOT with vocabulary!!!!  Un montón de actividades diferentes para jugar.   http://www.languagesonline.org.uk/Hotpotatoes/Index.htm

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