Family project

     1.       Create an INFOGRAPHIC about YOUR family piktochart.com  http://infogr.am/  http://www.easel.ly/  http://visual.ly/.
     2.   Write a detailed description of EVERYONE in your family (at least FIVE people)
     3.   Include physical characteristics (hair/eye color,too), personalities, CLOTHING (yes, NEW VOCAB for you), likes and dislikes (maybe even add weather expressions or tener expressions: IE Mi mamá tiene miedo cuando truena. A mi hermana le gusta esquiar cuando hace frío.)
  4.   Use COMPLETE SPANISH sentences.
      5.   Minimum of FOUR sentences for each person. (The more sentences you have, the better your grade will be). 
  6.  Due by FRIDAY, MAY 16, 2014 when you come to class. Post the link to your infographic on the blog. 
  7.  This is the TEST over the family. You need to complete this and do a good job. ¡Simplemente hazlo! 

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