In order to help you learn the clothing vocabulary I have created a very interesting and relevant assignment for you to complete. You are going on a trip to a SPANISH speaking country (you get to choose which one). You need to do a little investigation of your country: what are some really cool sites to visit? what is the weather like during the different seasons? what CLOTHES should you pack for this trip? (you may also include accessories: laptop, camera, shoes, scarves, etc.) why should we visit YOUR country instead of ours.  Be very specific.

You are going to use SPANISH for all of this.  You are going to show off ALL the SPANISH you know.

You are going to post ALL of this on the blog. Include photos of the clothing/accessories so we know what the Spanish words are. You also need to include some photos of your beautiful country. AND, provide 2-3 links about your Spanish speaking country.

Your blog post is going to be so informative, creative and dramatic that we're going to change our minds and visit your country instead of the one we chose.


This is due by the END OF CLASS ON FRIDAY, MAY 23, 2014 (even if you're absent - get it done!)

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