Monday is here. The last one before final exams. (Next Monday is Memorial Day -  a day set aside to honor our veterans of the armed forces).

We still have to work even though you are tired and it's the "end of the semester". We have to review AND there is still more material to cover.

We MUST complete these before the final exam:

the other shoe verb   e to i
the verb ESTAR and its expressions
the prepositions
the main rooms of the house
the differences between SER and ESTAR
the clothing words
the restaurant words

We must work diligently in class and AT HOME. There is no time for slacking off.  Do your best. Keep up. Study the new material and choose something from earlier in the semester to review. Do these nightly. That way reviewing for the COMPREHENSIVE FINAL EXAM won't be so difficult.

Have you kept up with your self assessment sheets? Remember they are posted on edmodo and you should have downloaded them to your device. If you aren't an expert in a category, it's time to ASK QUESTIONS!!!!!!

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