Need help learning the new vocab? Try some of these flashcard sites found on quizlet.

http://quizlet.com/2591116/sabias-que-lesson-2-spanish-vocabulary-flash-cards/  This is one place to help you with vocabulary for our new chapter.

http://quizlet.com/31329083/expresate-chapter-4-vocab-1-flash-cards/   This is a really good set of flashcards. (It has PICTURES!!!!!!)

http://quizlet.com/33318317/spanish-1-expresate-chapter-4-vocabulary-vd13-flash-cards/  This one is very extensive. LEARN THOSE WORDS and PHRASES!!!!

http://quizlet.com/29177238/spanish-1-expresate-chapter-1-4-vocab-flash-cards/ OMGosh!!!! THIS one is from CHAPTER ONE THROUGH CHAPTER FOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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