¿Ser o estar?

What acronym can you create to help you remember when to use ser and when to use estar?

Think about all the different sentences we've used that had a form of ser in them. Then, remember all the ways we've discussed and seen sentences that used a form of estar.

What can you create that will help all of us remember when to use each one?

Can you correctly complete these sentences?
Exercise 1: Choose ser or estar, then choose the correct form of the verb.

1. Yo _ español.
2. Ella _ enferma hoy.
3. El juguete _ de plástico.
4. _ el veinte de septiembre.
5. Nosotros _ en Chicago.
6. _ las seis y media.

Exercise 2: Translate into Spanish:

1. Pablo is intelligent.
2. The water is hot.
3. Where are the children?
4. We were good students.
5. It is twelve noon.
6. We are very happy today.
7. They are Mexican.
8. They are in Mexico.
9. She is in the hospital.
10. The hospital is in San Diego.


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