The end is drawing near. We just practiced with the prepositions today. There will be a quiz over those words tomorrow. :)

We still need to keep reviewing all the different types of present tense conjugations: stem changing verbs (e to ie, o to ue, u to ue, and e to i), yo problem verbs (ver, saber, caber, etc.), REGULAR conjugations (no changes at all) and then the verbs that are just plain weird (tener, venir, oír, dar, ir). www.studyspanish.com is an EXCELLENT place to practice all of these. You will receive instant feedback on your work. Practice and become an EXPERT!

We just took a quiz over the family words. There is a small section on the final using this vocabulary. It is set up just like the quiz. I.E.  la madre de mi madre es mi  ?   That's right!!! abuela!!!!!

You DO know stuff!!!!  You JUST have to pull it out of your "archives" and use it. Review is what you need. Use your RESOURCES!!!!!!

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