The weekend is finally here!!!! ¡Qué bueno! We still have a lot to cover and review before final exam time. Be sure to use ALL available resources: emodo, the blog, my website,  http://www.studyspanish.com,  http://quia.comwww.remind101.com, etc.
 Use your verb folder (we just made in class on FRIDAY) to help you review and get ready for upcoming (really SOON!!!!) verb quizzes!
Can you make complete sentences in SPANISH?  Try writing these on your own (that means no help from ANY SOURCE - especially not the ONLINE TRANSLATORS)

1.  I want to eat a hamburger.  _____________________________________
2.  I need a pencil.   _____________________________________________
3.  I have a ton of paper.   ________________________________________
4.  I like to play videogames.  ______________________________________
5.  Do you like to watch horror movies?  _______________________________
6.  He wants to go to the mall.   ______________________________________
7.  We need to study.  _____________________________________________
8.  Can I go to the mall?  ___________________________________________
9.  What time is it?   ________________________________________________
10.  At what time does the movie start/begin?  _____________________________

I might be inclined to give some extra credit for those of you who write these in SPANISH and post them on the blog.

Have a GREAT WEEKEND, enjoy the gorgeous weather and be ready to WORK on Monday!!!!!!!

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