Tomorrow is the BIG DAY for NORTHERN NASH SENIORS!!!!! GRADUATION DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!  You made it and the world is waiting for you. 
GO GET IT!!!!!!!!!

Class of 2014


Well, it's finally here - the last final exam for the semester. It's been a different kind of semester this spring. It seems like every time we started to have some continuity, we had a snow day. It's been a struggle getting everything completed this semester but we did it. It took all of us working and learning together.

I have enjoyed having you in class this semester. Next year when you are in Spanish II, think about all the vocab and verbs we studied in Spanish I. Remember all the songs and videos we used to help you learn. Think about the games we played and the activities, videos and projects you created.
You have a solid foundation so you can be successful in your next level of Spanish.

I hope you have a wonderful summer and come back in August ready to continue learning and improving your minds.

If you continue with Spanish, you could become eligible to be in National Spanish Honor Society and earn this cord to wear at graduation. :)