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DIRECTIONS: Use the internet to help youcomplete this page. Read each statement below. Choose True or False.If the statement is false, write the correct information next to it.

  1. The Spanish founded South Carolina in 1526. True     False
  2. Aztec Emperor Moctezuma II (also called Montezuma) commissioned the first zoo in South America. True     False
  3. Alfonso Alvarez Blade invented the burglar alarm in 1911. True     False
  4. Paraffin, which is used to make candles, was discovered in Mexico. True     False
  5. From 1936 to 1992, five people of Hispanic heritage won the Nobel Peace Prize. True     False
  6. The United States never adopted the Spanish dollar as the basic monetary system. True     False
  7. The Real y Pontifica Universidad de Mexico was the first university founded in North America. True     False
  8. The first person of Hispanic heritage to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor served during World War I. True     False
  9. A group of explorers led by Ponce de León celebrated thanksgiving years before the Pilgrims came to America. True     False
  10. Cafeteria is a word adopted from Spanish. True     False
  11. The first person of Hispanic heritage to receive the Nobel Prize in literature was Octavio Paz in 1990. True     False
  12. Some Cuban Society ladies donated $12 million to the Revolutionary War. True     False
  13. Thirteen people of Hispanic heritage won the Congressional Medal of Honor for service during the time of the Vietnam War. True     False
  14. Modern medicine is based on the Aztec understanding of treating diseases. True     False
  15. The word rodeo means "ranch" in Spanish. True     False
  16. Pedro Paulet invented the helicopter. True     False
  17. Rita Moreno never won a Grammy Award. True     False
  18. La Gaceta de Mexico was the first newspaper in North America. True     False
  19. The Incas discovered rubber. True     False
  20. Guillermo Camerena invented color television. True     False

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